Who We Are

We are members of a Congregation of Diocesan Right, called to grow in deeper union with God, in simple community living and parish-centred apostolate.

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Bishop Oscar Morin (M. Afr.)

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Mary Mother of Christ

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Rev. Sr. Christina Pogbeyir, SMI

Superior General
  • Our Vision

    A Congregation of Diocesan Right for the integral development of people especially the vulnerable in society.

  • Our Mission

    To evangelize people, especially the vulnerable; through the various forms of apostolate for their integral development

  • Values

    Charity, Simplicity, Obedience, Integrity

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What We Do

Health Care

Jesus exhorts all his followers to go out and preach the kingdom and to “Heal the sick” (Matthew 10:8)...

Social Service

Desire to bring the effects of salvation in Christ to every situation of human need by undertaking other apostolic works...


As the Church has been commanded by Christ to preach the Word of God to the ends of the world, so we also participate...


Supporting farmers in our localitites with various services in the form of veternary as part of our vocations ...

Our Projects